Havells India Limited is a $1.3 Billion leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company with a strong global footprint. Havells enjoys enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products, including Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Electric Water Heaters, Power Capacitors, CFL Lamps, Luminaries for Domestic, Commercial and industrial Applications.  
  ISEEA endorses and supplies following products from HAVELLS

Industrial Circuit Protection
------------------------------------------------------ Motors

Standard Motors
Smoke Extraction Motors
Crane Duty Motors
Brake Motors

Building Circuit Protection

Standard Motors
  Havells is manufacturing 3-phase LV Motors at Neemrana (Rajasthan). The motors are manufactured in technical collaboration with Lafert (one of the largest motor manufacturer in Europe) who are now owners of AEG Electric Motors

All the motors are being manufactured conforming to the relevant Indian and international standards and are robust in electrical and mechanical design.


• Pumps
• Conveyors
• Fans
• Compressors
• Cranes
• Blowers
• Hoists
• Vibrator


• Foot Mounting
• Flange
• Foot Cum Flange

Smoke Extraction Motors
  The low-voltage motors with squirrel-cage rotors for implementation in automatic smoke and heat extraction units to EN 12101-3 are mainly designed for driving smoke extraction fans. They are mainly used in buildings or structures in which smoke control is necessary due to their shape and arrangement

Temperature/time classification according to EN 12101-3

• F200 corresponds to 200° C for 120 min
• F250 corresponds to 250° C for 120 min
• F300 corresponds to 300° C for 60 min

Crane Duty Motors
  Havells’ Crane Duty Motors have been suitable designed for arduous applications for short and intermittent duties involving starts, stops and reversals. These motors are used on applications like cranes, lifts, material handling, weirs and sluices and auxiliary motors in rolling mills.
Crane duty motors are designed to have high starting torque with low starting currents. These characteristics ensure that the motors have high acceleration torques that is required in frequent start/stop applications.

Brake Motors
  Brake Motor is combination of an AC Induction Motor and Electromagnetic DC brake. DC supply is fed to the brake from a rectifier unit installed in the motor terminal box.

The brake is disc type and is mounted on the motor shaft. The brake is ‘fail proof type’, brake comes into action and stops the driven equipment instantly when the power to the motor is switched off or if power fails.

The supply to the rectifier is fed from any two terminals of the main terminal box. Havells with its AEG technology, state-of-art plant and automatic processing can offer zero-defect brake motors in frames 63 to 160, in 2P, 4P, 6P, and 8P versions.


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