Softhard was established in 1994, by a team of electronics professionals with a view to provide high quality hardware and software solution. Today, it has over 150 engineers and technicians spread over manufacturing, R&D, Sales and Servicing all over the country.

Softhard is a research, design and manufacturing company with domain expertise in hi technology electronics solutions. The core competence of company lies in designing, development and fabrication of micro controller/ digital signal processor based product and solutions to meet industry business needs. From building management systems, data loggers, energy management and process control and automation to instrumentation and control, they have a wide experience profile to cater to industrial needs.
ISEEA endorses and supplies following products from Softhard
  Microcomputer Motor Protection Device
Energy Management System


i.MWM (intelligent MotorandpoWer Manager)
  The new i.MWM is more compact, flexible and can be easily integrated to the overall plant, factory or project. Complex and expensive hardware and software changes are not necessary. In one device you get intelligent higher lever automation system with all integrated multifunction – Measurement, Protection, Local Monitoring, Remote Monitoring. With i.MWM you can save more space, more time and money.

The new i.MWM can replace

• Bi-metal overload relay/ Electronic protection relay upto 5000A
• Star-Delta timer with pause time
• 5 conventional push buttons
• 16 indicator lights
• 13 Fault Annunciator
• Digital Ammeter/Voltmeter
• Energy, Power Factor & Frequency Meter
• Harmonics meter/analyzer
• PLC with 4 DI & 3 DOs
• Operating Hour meter
• Counter
• Trip Counter
• Anti recycle tmer

Multi Functions provided by i.MWM

• Micro computerized motor protection
• Built in MMI (Man Machine Interface) with LCD display and keypads
• Built-in 7 IOs (4 DI and 3 DO) for local protection and interlock logic
• Alarms and Event notifications
• Digital display of Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Harmonics
• Various Timers – Star-Delta, Anti-recycle, Start-Delay timer
• Various Counters – Star counter, Trip counter, operating hours etc.
• Protections – voltage, current and power protection
• Modular expansions available for additional digital inputs and outputs, expandable temperature sensors and analog modules
• Rs-485 communication port with Modbus protocol
• Global Remote monitoring with SMS facility
• System is designed for mixed operation. These devices can be combined with other devices depending on functional and operational requirements

µMMS (Micro Management Software)
  The new i.MWM has additional matching powerful software µ-MMS (Micro – Motor Management Software). µ-MMS is the new parameterizing software running on PC or touch screen MMI. This software is designed in extremely user friendly fashion. This can be installed either on field, on panel or on remote location. All of the operating, service and diagnostic data are displayed. Tools are available to uncover all opportunities, detect abnormalities, avoid risks and track progress.

Protective Functions

• Phase loss current/voltage protection
• Phase reverse current/voltage protection
• Over load/under load protection
• Over voltage/under voltage protection
• Phase voltage/current unbalance protection
• Earth fault protection
• Short Circuit protection
• Operational hours monitoring
• Number of starts monitoring

Expanded Monitoring Functions

• Total Reactive Energy Accumulation (KVArh)
• Total Apparent Energy Accumulation (KVAh)

Control Functions

• Direct online starter
• Star-Delta starter
• Star-Delta timer (in-built)
• Starter for generator change over mechanism
• Control output for solenoid valve actuation
• Control output for positioner actuation
• Control output for soft starter actuation

Operating Data

• Voltage, current and power monitoring
• Frequency, power factor and harmonics monitoring
• Motor switching state (On, Off)
• Current and voltage in each phase
• Active and apparent power


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